A simple & intentional experience

Above all, I hope you leave our time together feeling loved, cared for, & seen

I take a simple approach - one that starts with getting to know you & what’s important to you. Well before you're ever in front of a camera, I'm intentional about getting a sense of who you are together, so that when you get your gallery back, you can say "Yes! That's so us!"

 I am a firm believer that your photos should be full of life and that your day should be spent being present - whatever that looks like for you. 

Quick communication

After you inquire, I typically respond within 24 hours with more details, pricing & excitement. From then on, I’m on my response A-game because I value your time.

Focus on you

I get to know my couples and what’s important to them. It’s one of the reasons I love scheduling a video chat to meet - a chance to get to know each other and for me to listen and be present from the beginning. 


Leading up to your day, I’ll help build out a day-of timeline that fits your vision and send reminders & tips. You never have to worry about adding me to your to-do list; I’m here to check on you.

Pure excitement

From planning an engagement session that’s all about you to showing up on your day with bells on, I’ve got you. Plus, sending sneak peeks might be one of my love languages - so you can count on getting previews back fast. 

The process

What it's like to work together

"Most importantly, you made me feel so seen and heard."

"I’ll probably thank you forever…for being you, all the care & intentionality you poured into every email & conversation, for coming all the way & showing up fully & giving a shit about us.

I just feel very humbled in how lucky I got to have your presence and loving energy only add and aid to the day.

You pour yourself into your couples and into wedding days and into the post process and everything in between. You show up trying to capture it all. You leave your ego behind and do your best to make your couples happy.

You made me feel so comfortable in every aspect of this process, but most importantly, you made me feel so seen and heard. You really made the experience of working and creating together incredible and connective and very special."

- N+ S

making us feel so comfortable!

sharing your magic.

going the extra mile.

all the care & intentionality.

showing up fully.

giving a shit about us!

Thank you for

Kind words

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