Hello! I'm Sonum, a

Pronounced SO-num, like when you hit your funny bone, and it’s so numb. (Dorky, but effective, and now we're past it.)


plant lover

plant killer



type 6 enneagram

California transplant


Documentary wedding & elopement photographer based in Memphis, TN + north MS. Photographed weddings in California, Colorado, & Mexico. Honored to go where you are. 


The best way to get photos that feel like you is to vibe with the person taking them (because who I am impacts what I do.)

Photography is storytelling, and  
my story shapes how I tell yours.

Meet Ben. He's my favorite.

We met in 4th grade but didn’t fall in love until years later. Our story includes 5 years of long-distance and learning that quality time is a gift. In 2014, after several weeks apart, Ben proposed right at the airport. (I'm a sap for a good reunion story.)

We said "I Do" (x 2).

We got married in a way that celebrated who we were: with 2 big families and 2 ceremonies in 1 day.  Weddings are exciting, but I love marriage, and long after your day, I’ll root for you two like you’re one of my own.

Meet Churro.

I’m a proud dog-momma to a loveable, chaotic shelter pup. If we're being honest, I think there's something beautiful about the way dogs love that makes me think: Wow. This is how it's done - with gusto and unconditionally. 

I grew up in a world of color

- in the 90s with a strong immigrant momma, and mangoes with stains that never fade. There is no coincidence that my editing is color-inspired, warm, and natural. Today, and in 10 years, I hope your images are full of life.

I love people & feelings (a lot)

I've spent my whole life paying attention to people and even have a degree in a feelings-adjacent field. As a former high school counselor & teacher, connection is always at the heart of what I do. (And, I think motivating 14-year-olds uniquely qualifies me to wrangle your family during portraits). 

You'll get my all: warm smiles, fully present, and lots of care - because that's what you deserve!

I aim to capture the energy of your day - all the feelings, all the candids. As a helper and an empath (hey INFJ's!), I'm always paying attention to what people around me need and working to create a safe space — from the quiet & intimate moments to the wild & chaotic ones. 

When I show up for you

I'm a gal who loves intentionally and enthusiastically. Working with couples is where I shine.

Values & philosophy

Three little words, one honest approach:

Everything is precious.


Your moments are about more than just you - it's your people, the place, the celebration, every act of love, big or small. I want your photos to capture all of the fullness you'll feel that day. 


Time for portraits can be a small & meaningful part of your day, but the best thing you can do for your photos is to be present throughout and allow me to seek moments for you: Hug your people tight, run to cocktail hour, get on the dance floor, get swept up. Your love is magic. Your day will be, too. 


If it is important to you, it is important to me. I promise to stay curious, embrace your ideas along the way, and give you my all at every step of the way - from when we first meet til I pour over each and every photo & beyond. 

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