Hello! I'm Sonum, a

The best way to get photos that feel like you is to vibe with the person taking them - because who I am impacts what I do.

Pronounced SO-num, like when you hit your funny bone, and it’s so numb. (Dorky, but effective, and now we're past it.)


plant lover

plant killer



type 6 enneagram

As a helper and advocate (hey INFJ's!), I'm always looking to paying attention to what people around me need and creating a safe space to be yourself. When I show up for you - you'll get my all: warm smiles, fully present, and lots of care.
I'm looking to capture the energy of your day - all the feelings, all the candids. I will always believe the most beautiful photos are ones where you are connecting - with each other, with the people rooting for you. 

I'm a gal who loves intentionally and enthusiastically. Working with couples is where I shine.

Photography is storytelling -

My story shapes how I tell yours

Meet Ben. He's my favorite.

We met in 4th grade but didn’t fall in love until years later. Our story includes 5 years of long-distance and learning that quality time is a gift. In 2014, after several weeks apart, Ben proposed right at the airport. (I'm a sap for a good airport story.)

We said "I Do" (x 2).

We got married in a way that celebrated who we were: with 2 big families and 2 ceremonies in 1 day.  Weddings are exciting, but I love marriage. Long after your day, I’ll root for you two like you’re one of my own.

Meet Cricket, my tripawd.

I’m a proud dog-momma to a three-legged lab, Cricket, who I am long-distance loving for now. If we're being honest, I think there's something beautiful about the way dogs love - It makes me think: Wow. This is how it's done - with gusto and unconditionally. 

I grew up in a world of color

- in the 90s with a strong immigrant momma, and mangoes with stains that never fade.

There is no coincidence that my editing is color-inspired, warm, and natural. Today, and in 10 years, I hope your images are full of life.

I love people & feelings (a lot)

I've spent my whole life paying attention to people and even have a degree in a feelings-adjacent field. As a former high school counselor & teacher, connection is always at the heart of what I do. (And, I think motivating 14-year-olds uniquely qualified me to wrangle your big family during family portraits). 

My story

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