Weddings & elopements

There's just something magnetic about a good bringing together.

Storytelling from the start

Nearly-weds & I Do's

A candid documentary approach means I’m always observing: what are the big and small details you'll want to remember? The anticipation, the amount of care, the little acts of love that make things feel extra special - all of the bringing together. 

For most of the day, I take a light-handed approach. If I can, I’ll direct you into nice light or move a bit of clutter, but most of the time, I’m getting to know your people and documenting moments as they unfold.


Portraits that feel like you

You, boo, & your crew

All your energy, quirks, and serious moments. Your images should capture who you are. During portraits, I focus on ways to bring out your connection together - usually through movement & conversation, and almost always ending in laughter & snuggles. 

No more worrying about feeling awkward. I'll be your coffee with creamer: warm, intentional, and gentle - but peppy enough to keep you feeling good.


Stiff drinks, not stiff moments

Happily married

The hours after your ceremony hold some of the very best parts of the day. The nerves are gone, lips are a little looser, laughs a little louder, eyes softer, and childhood stories weave together with ones of how you've grown.  However you celebrate, make it something you'll freaking cherish.