Colorful Fall Couples Session with four dogs!

When I think of the perfect fall session, this one had it all: golden light, vibrant foliage, so much laughter, magazine-worthy fall outfits, and a dog-loving couple. We’ve all seen photos of couples with their one or two pups, but shooting with four of these angels was as wild as you’d expect- and nothing short of fantastic.

Here are some tips I’d recommend if you are bringing your dog to our session:

  1. Choose a location that works: We were fortunate to do this session at Amanda’s parents’ home, which meant we knew it was dog-friendly. But more than that, being able to bring the dogs somewhere they were already familiar with and a space they could still explore and be themselves made a big difference – for dogs and humans! This minimized one more factor of unknown. Be sure to consider whether your pup will get amped up or anxious where we shoot, which brings us to…

  2. Prepare for transitions: Their dog Sadie didn’t miss a beat when they unloaded the car, but the younger dogs needed a few minutes to transition and get comfortable before we got started. That’s totally okay! Leave enough time before we start and as we put them away for human-centered photos so you don’t feel rushed. Having the stuff you need (leashes, treats, bandannas, etc.) ready to go also helps things go more smoothly.

  3. Embrace their personality: While I 100% believe all dogs are perfect, that doesn’t mean they will be predictable on camera. I think I’m pretty good with fur-babies, and though I don’t mind being a little firm when needed to get us going, it’s also okay to relax a little and let them be silly. Chances are, they’ll do something really adorable, so don’t sweat it!