Backyard Wedding | Memphis

A truly documentary take on an intimate backyard wedding. A timeline so small it fit on a post-it, and half of it was about food. Oysters. Oven-roasted pizza. Bite-sized portraits.

An informal celebration in an aunt’s backyard. They asked me to document the joy and spontaneity of the day and cap posed portraits after 8 minutes. It was a treat.

From the beginning, M + N told me they’d like only a few minutes of posed portraits together, and the rest of the day focused on fully candid documentary. And the best part? They meant it.

We spent about 7% of their wedding day on posed portraits. That’s it. I did the math.

A few minutes of just them together before the ceremony, with laughter and tears in full force. Right after, a handful of timeless family portraits. And later, a sprinkling of newly-married portraits together (after a few slices of pizza.)

The rest of the time was spent invested fully present with their loved ones. Here’s what it looks like to not worry about the camera for 93% of your wedding day.

And, if you’re new around here, I’m a documentary wedding photographer formerly based in CA and now based in Oxford, MS and Memphis, TN. I am honored to travel where you are. So, if you’re planning something good, take a look at my approach or kindly get in touch!

Time to invest together meant M had time to get sewn into her handmade wedding dress, to let herself start feeling the nerves kick in.

N had time to debate which tie he should wear with his dad. (He went with the quirkier one. Good choice).

They had one of the most intentional ceremonies I’ve seen to date:

They were sure to involve their families, and turn around to look at their guests. And, they took a minute to really soak in what it feels like to be there. To make eyes with their community.

M had time to sit down and laugh with her grandmother and her cousins. Guests hugged them tight, and they shared sweet, unprompted moments together. They ate pizza and fresh oysters! Dinner served roving-style. They took in toasts and the best kinds of storytelling.

They had time to get on the dance floor and be lovingly surprised by their guest-inspired flower-petal exit (more details found on my Instagram post here).

They spent the day all-in. With each other and with their community. It was full and it was beautiful.

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