Downtown Memphis Engagement

A fun downtown Memphis engagement session. Like date night in the city — only with a private rooftop view.

The brief was simple: Come casual, come a little dressy. Whatever suits you. Just come ready to have a good time.

This engagement session was a fun, semi-spontaneous session, right in the middle of downtown Memphis. No planning fuss. No waiting until life slows down to take nice photos together.

An engagement session that was equal parts embracing light & color & creativity, and exploring the city downtown Memphis with a whole lot of channeling A + S’s full-on playful energy.

We started on a rooftop tucked in the middle of downtown. An open space that still felt a little enclosed.

We walked around South Main street to get some of the South-Main-vibe (without going too heavy on the South-Main-vibe).

And if there’s a better way to close out a session in downtown Memphis, I’m all ears, but Beale Street Landing felt just right.

I love color, and I love photographing couples in cities. If you liked this session, you might also enjoy this vibrant couples session in downtown LA, or enjoy this post of a colorful San Francisco engagement shoot.


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