San Francisco Embarcadero Elopement

Two San Francisco brides in custom tuxedos marry under Cupid’s Span. A modern romantic elopement story.

Update June 2020: I’m over the moon to share that Dancing With Her recently featured this elopement on their blog. Here is the link to the post.

At their very core, modern-day elopements are all about focusing on two people in love and celebrating in a way that feels true to them. That’s it. The rest is whatever they want to make of it. And there’s a whole lot of goodness here.

Spoiler alert: Two brides in custom tuxedos (designed by Emily herself). A walk through the Embarcadero (featuring the iconic Ferry Building). Heartfelt vows spoken right by the Bay Bridge next to Cupid’s Span in the presence of two art-loving sisters and close friends.

I’m usually one to overflow with words in writing, but for this day, it’s truly better to simply show you…

Make-up Artists: Rach V. Morales and Mandy Amaya / Glam Squad / / Tuxedo Attire: Designed by Emily Meyer /


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